Garage door opener repair :

It is no secret that a garage door is the most used door in our house for entrance and exit, therefore the electric door opener is an essential part in the garage door proper operation. As a local company, our highest priority is to resolve any garage door opener problem that has occurred at the fastest way, in order to allow our customers keep on using their garage door as usual. Some of the most common problems with garage door openers are:

  • garage door opener motor makes working sound, but chain isn't moving
  • garage door opener seems to be working, though garage door isn't going up or down
  • opener makes grinding noises
  • opener lifts the door only few inches off the floor
  • the door doesn't go down all the way and goes back up
  • stripped gear or carriage
  • safety features failure
  • remotes do not operate the opener anymore

...We have solutions to all the above problems.

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